Join Our Healthy Habits Challenge Today!

Super Simple! Here’s what you need to know:

  1. REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED. Cost is $229.00
  2. Must do in-person Body Scan with BodySpec
  3. Be an Active member with Forever Fit with Nic Pitts– which includes: HIIGT, Private Training, Partner Training

To Be Eligible to Win You Also Need To:

  1. Exercise minimum 5 days per week. Not everything is power! Daily exercise can include 30+ min walking, Hiking, Bike Riding , 20 minute stretch sessions...just MOVE!
  2. Check in with Nic weekly
  3. Make Final BodySpec Scan
  4. *Achieve Most % of Fat Loss Wins $150!
  5. *Achieve Most Inches Loss Wins $150!
  6. *Increased Most % of Weight Loss Wins $100!
  7. *There will be additional Challenges where participants who complete the challenge will be entered into a drawing to win CASH! These will be alternate between Wednesday mornings & evenings You may participate In Person or Virtually via Zoom These Challenges include:
    • Front Elbow Plank
    • Wall Squat
    • Push Up

* Example of Calculation for Weight Loss:

Susie initially weighed 300 pounds and lost 30 pounds total. Betty initially weighed 400 pounds and lost 35 total pounds.

Susie lost 10% of her initial body weight. Betty lost 8.75% of her initial body weight

Based on the % of weight loss over the course of the program Susie wins the challenge even though Betty lost more weight.