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"Hi Nicole, Thank You for the virtual workout today! Sidney and I thought it
was great! I really appreciate your detailed direction. See you on

"I really liked it. Moved along really fast. And I think going forward, when we travel again, (hopefully not as much) we can still
keep a workout schedule"

"483 calories! You are helping me to stay motivated & dedicated to be fit. Thanks!"

Dear Forever Fit Peeps,

Working together, our community has slowed the spread of COVID-19. Now, King County is working to gradually and carefully reopen the local economy and other aspects of daily living.

While we are still in Phase 2, in Washington's "Safe Start"plan we will continue to only offer our HIIGT classes as Virtual Only. We are now offering in-person private personal & small group training here at Studio Beju indoors or out in our garden.
*Please see COVID-19 update

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This is indeed a stressful time for us all, but don’t forget to keep doing something you love and enjoy! Take this time to get outside for a walk. Work on running or cycling as a workout rather than a joy ride or walk. Make time for that Forever Fit workout or dance to your favorite Spotify playlist in the shower! Tag FF in your stories and share with me the things that you’re doing to stay happy and healthy.

We are offering in-person and virtual training sessions and Virtual HIIGT classes several times a week. Sign up today!  Thank you for being part of Forever Fit with Nic Pitts. Keep up the positive vibes, drink water-eat well! I can’t wait to give you a hello hug again soon!

~ Nicole | 206-300-2181

"Strive for Progress,
not Perfection"

Nicole Pitts

Your partner in better health and fitness through personal training & group classes.

"Strive for Progress,
not Perfection"

Nicole Pitts

Your partner in better health and fitness through personal training & group classes.



Hi my name is Nicole Pitts and I have been a certified personal trainer for over a decade. Many of you know me as the lead trainer at Duvall Fitness but I now want to invite you on my new journey. I’ve ventured out on my own as a personal trainer and boot camp and running coach. Most of my life has been focused around fitness. Now I want to share this passion with you Forever! I am a fun, non-intimidating, trainer that believes in holistic wellness and sustainable life-changing fitness and nutrition programs. That means no crash dieting, no body-trashing workouts, and plenty of laughter and confidence building. 

I will focus on teaching bodies to move properly with lots of individual coaching and a huge variety of movements to target the whole body. Forever Fit with Nic Pitts is everything you’ve been looking for in your fitness routine, from one on one personal training, small group sessions, HIIGT classes, and more, Forever Fit is for everyone. What are you waiting for?